South Korea supports forest restoration projects in Guatemala

Story by: Carlos Duarte Photography by: Jorge Rodriguez Translated by: Alejandra Palencia jue 3, Feb 2022

An alliance for the restoration of the Guatemalan forests was signed between the Korea Forest Service and the National Forest Institute (INAB) of the Central American country, the latter institution reported in a press release.

The document agreed between the parties, and signed by their representatives, includes the implementation of forest management and restoration actions, as well as closer collaboration between countries to promote the improvement of all sustainable forest management regulations. In addition, the agreement includes research and development related to adaptation to climate change.

In addition to this, both nations agreed to promote projects applied to the production of goods from natural forests and forest plantations. Due to the importance of protecting and preserving these ecosystems from any threat, both South Korea and Guatemala have also decided to mark actions in the prevention and control of forest disasters, including fires, pests and diseases.

The statement highlights that the exchange of experiences on these issues will be vital for strengthening the capacities of local institutions and communities, and they indicate that investment will also be made in the development of forest resources and the creation of forest plantations as well as their industrialization.

Representatives of the South Korean Forest Service and the National Institute of Forests of Guatemala signed the alliance for forest restoration. Photo/INAB

Ecotourism for restoration and conservation

INAB also informs that both the Asian and Central American countries will work on the development of forest recreation and ecotourism, and within the actions to promote projects of this nature, demonstration plots, field visits and informative material that educates on related topics will be established. to sustainable forest management, as well as the restoration and conservation of forests.

“As INAB we are committed to the implementation of actions that contribute to the development of the forestry sector in Guatemala. We are grateful to the Korea Forest Service as we will work together to promote and strengthen the country’s forest management. For a Guatemala with more forests and more life” commented Rony Granados, manager of INAB.

According to INAB, it is through the support of the Guatemalan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINEX) that the initiative arose, and the Korean Forest Service plans to implement similar actions and agreements in El Salvador and Honduras.